Current Issues

MAY 2014
Harmonies & Melodies
8.5″ x 11″ 30 pages, saddle-stitched

Featuring the art of:
Ella Ardour, Madison Bales, Brenton Booth, Harlean Carpenter, Lord Christian, Florence De Bever Van Pelt, Carla De Vries, Dolface Janel, Echo Elle, Fantasies Muse Photography, Josh Gunnerson, William Haubert, Linda Hofke, S. E. Ingraham, Kathleen Jenney, Stephanie June, Vicky Lievens, Brian Lynch, Brandi Mabee, M. Jennifer Markus, Kayleigh McCollum, C.S. Michaud, Miss Melody, Todd Morgan, Vick Ogelsby, David S. Pointer, Brian Rosenberger, Andreas Schneider, Silver Screen Images, James Stringle, William Taylor Jr., Freddy Van Wonterghem, Honey Voodoo, Eva-Maria Wetzel, Tami Williamson for House of Winter, Sandra Wilson

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Fantasies & Fairy Tales
8.5″ x 11″ 50 pages, saddle-stitched


Featuring the art of:
Jess Alcouffe, Ella Ardour, Eryn Avery, Josie Beecher, Ms. Monica Biro, Rosa Black, Pearl Blanched, Bombshell Pinups, Meg Boulette, Harlean Carpenter, Darian Chanelle, Lord Christian, Alyssa Cooper, Cassandra Dallett, Florence De Bever Van Pelt, Carla De Vries, Susan DiPronio, Dollface Janel, Tamara Edwards, Amanda-Zombie Evans, Kitten Evans-Gavel, Fantasies Muse Photography, David Folger Jr., The Foto Fairy, Mary Grace Guevara, Linda Hofke, Miss Hailey Holiday, S. E. Ingraham, Kathleen Jenney, Dani Raschel Jimenez, La’Kisha DéVon Jordan, Stephanie June, Knackstedt-Photography, Alisa Levy, Libbie Ann, Vicky Lievens, Look Sharp Salon, Lindsay Loveday, Brian Lynch, Jillian Marina, Liz Markus, M. Jennifer Markus, Jim McAvoy of ArtistiCurves, Kayleigh McCollum, Mermaid Shelly, C.S Michaud, Miller, Stefani, MNEO Designs, Ashley Nelson, Miss Nettie, Morgan Oldershaw, Dan Owen Photography, Candace Owens, Rebel Photography, Reckless Beauty Artistry, Renegade Ballerina, Simon Rogghe, Brian Rosenberger, Wayne Salat, Andreas Schneider, Jerry Seeger, John Swain, William Taylor Jr., Ceihra Tripp of IndiVisual Graphics, Miss Niesje V, Freddy Van Wonterghem, Vivienne Vermuth, Veronica Virgo, Naomi VonKreeps, Honey Voodoo, Jesse Wamboldt, Tami Williamson for House of Winter

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20 comments on “Current Issues

  1. Hello Harlean
    Good luck on your magazine I`ll spread the word to all friends I know.
    The website looks super.Also The magazine will only be available on
    your site right? or?. Thanks again harlean for including my artworks
    for your magazine. take care.

    • Thank you, Marty! Very much looking forward to the first issue becoming a reality, and so glad your work will be a part of it :) For now, yes, the magazine will only be available through this site. Once we have a few issues under our belt, I’ll be looking into having it available online elsewhere, and of course making it available to brick & mortar resellers.

  2. Dear Harlean, I am so glad that I discovered your website not only on the cusp of your 5th anniversary, but going into print for the first time. And I’m a part of it! Keep up the wonderful work, and I hope to grow as a poet and artist with you :)
    All the best!

  3. I am Marty and Donna’s mom. I am real proud of Marty’s art. Thanks for including him in your
    magazine. Good Luck in the furture. Ha

  4. Dear Harlean,
    The issue looks great. I’m happy my work is included among others.
    Next day after you’d accepted it another mag was after it but they were late.
    Then they asked to track the story in your publication.
    Hope they’d enjoy the issue as well.
    Good job!
    Thank you.

    • Thank you so much, Val! I’m sorry the other magazine had to miss out, but I’m very glad to have your story included in this issue :)

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    • Thank you! We’re very much looking forward to seeing your photo in print in October, and seeing much more of your work in the future :)

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  7. Looking forward to receiving the first issue. Especially looking forward to work by S.e. Ingraham a favorite poet of mine. Good choice for a first issue has made a favorable impression on me! All my best for many years of successful publication :)

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